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Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll get you a list of competing offers.

What can we help you get?

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Businesses want you as a customer. Have them compete for you.
Get up to 65% off!

How this works

Why spend hours searching for the products and services you need? Businesses want you as a customer. Let them come to you. They're happy to help make choosing your best option quick and easy.
1) Enter the details of what you're looking for. Know exactly what you want? Then enter more details. Open to suggestions? Then just enter the basics.
2) Next, CompeteHero sends your request to local businesses that match your needs.
3) Those local businesses make their best offers and we notify you.
4) You pick the offers you're interested in, and we put you in touch with them.

The CompeteHero Difference

Without CompeteHero
Normally, when you contact a business, they start with a higher price. You then either pay more than needed, or you try and negotiate for a better price. You also have to spend time trying to find who even offers what you need.
With CompeteHero
Get the best offers right away. Businesses know this is their chance to win your business, so they'll begin with their best offer. Only businesses that have what you need respond, so you save time.

Why should your business use this?

Beats Traditional Online Ads
Savvy customers use ad-blockers or have trained their minds to ignore traditional ads. When someone uses CompeteHero they are actively looking, and want to see your best offer.
Tailored Offers
We send you the details of what a lead wants. You then send an offer that best meets their needs. Offers tailored to an individual's needs are much more effective.
You are in Control
The key to sales is personal contact. If a lead likes your offer, you get their contact info. Then just call, text, or email them to close the sale.